Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Loudest Portable Speaker

The Loudest Portable Speaker (119dB), Bluetooth Compatible, 36 Hour Battery Life, Shock / Water / Temperature Resistant by SOUNDBOKS, Custom-selected speaker parts combined with powerful class-d amplifiers for volume up to 119db and a 100 yard range – enough for 100 person events.

Flight case design built from high quality Baltic birchwood and reinforced with a brushed aluminum frame.
Includes 2 batteries – with 150 hours of playtime on medium volume and up to 50 hours on max volume. Takes 3 hours to recharge.

Aux and bluetooth connectivity for a great plug-n-play experience Shock, temperature, water, and weather resistant With our plug and play batteries, you’ll never have to stop partying. Connect to wall power or plug in a swappable BATTERYBOKS for 30 hours of sound at high volume or 200 hours on low. The type of lithium found in our batteries used by the likes of Tesla and the US military for their extreme longevity, meaning that your BATTERYBOKS is capable of 2000+ charging cycles without a significant drop in capacity.

Our customized, innovative bluetooth technology allows you to stream from devices up to 60 feet away. Alternatively, connect via aux cable. The SOUNDBOKS uses a digital signal processor originally designed for mastering studios for better-than-cd quality sound.

Although Danish designers usually steal thesoundboks sound quality, soundboks cost, soundboks for sale, soundboks speaker review, soundboks amazon, soundboks review, spotlight, Danish audio engineers are the best in the world. SOUNDBOKS is engineered in Denmark with the best parts we can produce or procure from our neighbors. SOUNDBOKS are assembled nearby in Lithuania.

We believe in the power of loud music and its incredible capacity to bring people together. If you’re planning on lasting all weekend, bearing through rain or heat to keep on partying, then so should your speaker. The SOUNDBOKS is everything you need from an outdoor speaker and nothing that you don’t.

If you need that extra push, the SOUNDBOKS is the only speaker that goes to 11! Typical stereo amplifiers convert power to sound pressure at 18-20% efficiency. Our state of the art class-D amplifier achieves 92% efficiency, allowing the SOUNDBOKS to produce PA system volume with a battery life of 30+ hours.

Our swappable BATTERYBOKS are made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4), the same material used in electric vehicles and US military equipment for its longevity and resistance to extreme conditions. Charged twice per week, your battery will last 20+ years without any significant drop in capacity. Competitors in our field our known to use lower grade lithium or worse, lead-acid batteries that quickly lose their charge.

Finally, we created the SOUNDBOKS to withstand weeklong camping conditions of our favorite festival in Northern Denmark. This required ability to withstand drops, withstand rain and drink spillage, and to survive the Scandinavian cold. Maybe more importantly, the reliability of both the batteries and the parts to last for many years. In short, it is very difficult to break a SOUNDBOKS.

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